They’re donuts.
But they’re for dogs.

They are baked hard to ensure long lasting enjoyment.


Our Fantastic Five

High in deliciousness, low in sugar and Australian-made, these savoury dog treats are man’s best friend’s best friend. Unlike a human donut, a DOMUT is slow baked, not fried, to ensure your pup has something with crunch to munch on. We know how to make a good thing last. Suitable for large dogs or small dogs with big mouths.


Tasty Homework

History essay meets baking genius. A+ flavour.

Chewy Tennis Ball

Federer’s dog’s favourite.

Golden Frisbee

Our spin on a classic.


Crunchy Stick

Earthy notes throughout, topped with a crunchy pretzel stick.

The OG

Where it all began. Pink perfection.


DOMUTS hits the big screen


“Delicious. My tail has never wagged so hard.”

Friday, Australian Bulldog, 1


“I give Tasty Homework an A+”

Bailey, German Shepherd, 13


“Crunchy Stick. That’s one stick I’m not bringing back to my human!”

Louis, Cavoodle, 10


“Golden Frisbee? I'd chase that all day.”

Harold, Australian Shephard, 1


“Mmmmm. Domut.”

Frankie, Border Collie, 6


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